British Airways makes Zakinthos easier

No more bleary dawn starts at Gatwick, thank you British Airways for giving us direct flights to this lovely Ionian island from Heathrow Terminal 5 at civilised times. Also great for those transiting  to Zakinthos through London from  outside the UK. For a magnificent family holiday villa on northern Zakinthos with ample room for 18 people, … Read More

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Syros in the spotlight

A seven page spread in the Easyjet inflight magazine has a glorious article about Syros. We invited Lydia Bell as our guest and it was the start of a love affair for her. (Not literally as far as we know, though there are some very attractive and charming Syrianoi out there….) Wonderful pictures as well … Read More

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Conde Nast Traveler Villa experts list 2017

    We are starting the year by blowing our own trumpet a little. The Five Star Greece team is very proud to be the only Greek villa company to have been chosen by the editors of the  prestigious USA  Conde Nast Traveler to feature on their annual list of global  villa experts. The vetting process … Read More

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19 things never to say to a Greek

To end the year on a light-hearted note, here is a list of  things never to say to a Greek. 1. How are you? Sounds safe, no? But, a Greek, particularly if he is a she, will invite you home, tell you, in every last gory detail, plus the life story of their doctor, his … Read More


Where to go in Greece in 2017

We didn’t feel we could compete with world events for your attention until now, but following some grumbles that we have not been keeping you updated, here is our news round-up  to help you choose your perfect island in 2017 Man up and brave the water Greek airport traffic  was at an all-time high this … Read More

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Where to party on Mykonos, what to eat, and what to wear.

So, feeling our age after a very busy summer, Five Star Greece asked a beautiful, young half-Brazilian half -Greek jewelry entrepreneur, who exhibits  cool, funky jewelry on her website,  to tell us where the party is at on Mykonos, and what to wear. She went with a bunch of equally beautiful friends and we are exhausted just … Read More

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Magical Syros

  There is good food, there is bad food, and OK food. I can cook  all three kinds, especially the last two. Then there is the food where you close your eyes and let something magic happen in the universe. I can’t do this at all, but chef Costas Bouyiouris  can. I will just say … Read More

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What’s new on Mykonos in 2016

    Last year saw almost one hundred new businesses and openings on Mykonos, the splashiest of which was Scorpios Beach Bar. This year, the boom continues, and here is our round-up of the new and the classics.   WHAT WE ARE WAITING FOR ON MYKONOS   Rakkan Bar Restaurant in Athens is opening Rakkan … Read More

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The Mani Heartlands; An Exposé on Greece’s Deep South

The Greek islands have drawn millions of travellers to their clear blue waters and stunning beaches, cobbled streets and whitewashed houses. Of course, all this attention is well deserved, especially if you’re after the postcard Greek island holiday, in which case, aim for the Cyclades – full speed ahead! But Greece is so much more … Read More

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The 6 New Summer Hotspots: 2016 Holidays in Greece

Everyone seemed to go to Greece in 2015, and it looks like they had a great time as 2016 is set to be just as busy! We really suggest early booking to get the best places. Looking forward to next year, these are the places we’re most excited about:   Paxos This small jewel in … Read More


A new Mycenaean tomb discovered in the heart of Ancient Greece.

  Pylos, in South West Greece, was the home of King Nestor, one of the Mycenaean chieftains who, according to the Iliad, sailed with his fleet of 90 black ships to Troy to bring back the runaway  Helen, and was one of the few to return safely. He is described by Homer as wise peacemaker, on the long-winded side, and … Read More

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