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The beauty of Olive Oil

Yes, this is the time of year when olives are harvested – old ladies dressed in black sit like crows in the olive trees, raking the ripe olives off laden boughs with wooden combs onto nets spread below. Fires burn with fragrant olive wood logs, smoke curling up into the autumn air and warming unheated … Read More


4th of July on the beach

July 4th Fittingly for July 4th, we have  here at Villa Skinos, a house full of American guests – a press officer from the State department, a CBS producer and two actors from California, so at every meal time, before we sit down, someone says “Off the record…” followed by something outrageous. We are desperately … Read More


The Condensed Milk Age

June 6th Ithaca Those of a certain age who spend childhood summers on a Greek island, appreciate as no-one else can, the joy of coffee and condensed milk for breakfast. Thick and sweet, you gloop it into your coffee and stir. Infinitely better than any Nespresso or cappuccinos… It may have something to do with … Read More


Sweet teeth..

June 5th   Ithaca I woke up this morning to a big grey cloud that burst as I was having bread and honey for breakfast on the veranda – the rain banged on the cane pergola and a thunderclap with lightening flash made us all jump and shriek. The smell of hot earth and herbs … Read More


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