Where to eat seafood in Athens – best kept secret!

A the risk of appearing to spend all my time in Athens going out for dinner, I do have to share this latest one with you – not new, but so well hidden you might not know it.  Psariston, on Kalavriton 16, Neo Iraklio   www.psariston.gr

The name is a pun on Psari – which means fish, and Ariston, which is ancient Greek for the Best, which I would say is a very good name that hits the nail on the head.

A dazzling variety of  fish, crustaceans, molluscs, shellfish with astonishing names, sea-urchins, all fresh and prepared with light, and simple sauces – lemon and mustard, tomato and oregano, wine and onion, in a deeply cool, laid back  and rather retro taverna, in a run-down area of Athens, that was full even on a rainy Wednesday evening in October. Live music from a couple of guys with bouzoukia, old songs were sung and a couple of diners got up and danced the lovely old introspective solo dances that Greeks do when the spirit or wine moves them, I took a video but I am too technologically challenged to embed it – where is a child when you need one.

Luckily, Ali Abrar, although not in the running for the Oscars, did manage to post this on youtube, so it will give you a flavour.. He  is probably 12 years old…

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