Evi’s Easter Lamb recipe

Evi’s Greek Easter lamb recipe:

Vegetarians, small children and Temperance League, look away….

Ask your local shepherd to supply you with a whole young lamb and put it on a spit.
Choose a flowery meadow with an olive tree nearby and preferably a little pebble beach within greasy finger wiping distance.
At around 6.00 am, send your husband to build a fire with plenty of wood and start burning it down to get lots of charcoal.
Fuel up a group of pyromaniac young men with plenty of ouzo and wine to spend the next 5 hours turning the spit. Once the lamb has browned, raise the level of the spit so the lamb doesn’t burn.
Baste frequently with a thick bunch of fresh oregano dipped in an emulsion of olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper.

Accompaniments should be;
Taramosalata , tzatziki and any other dips you like.
Spinach pies made with flaky fillo pastry, feta, spinach and dill
Cheese pies
A large green salad with a dressing made of dill, spring onion, oil and lemon juice.
Plenty of red dyed hard-boiled easter eggs for the egg cracking competition.
At least 6 small and over excited children.
Lots more wine, ouzo and tsipouro.

Follow with Baklava and Halva “simigdalenio” made from semolina (see our 2010 blog called “sweet teeth”)
Finish up with two tons of Alka-Seltzer and a siesta under the olive tree…..

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