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Five Star Greece is proud to support a  wonderful environmental action group: Plastic Free Greece was founded by one of our guests- we are so proud of her-  someone who not only demands and appreciates the finest things in life (Five Star Greek villas and our service) but is prepared to roll up her sleeves and fight for what she loves.

Dimitra got tired of explaining to shopkeepers and cafés in the Greek islands that no, she didn’t want a plastic bag or straw- with a single-minded focus on changing the plastic bag, plastic straw culture that blights the seas, she suggests sharing these videos with  as many people as you can- in either Greek or English!  

Get inspired at, and here is their New Year’s Resolution to share!

Make 2019 the year that you stop using plastic water bottles.  Our focus this year will be on eliminating / reducing reliance on plastic water bottles with our #ΜπουκαλάκιΟΧΙΕυχαριστώ (Plastic bottle, no thank you) campaign – if you live in an area with potable water, always prefer to drink filtered tap water and make it your habit to carry a refillable water bottle with you.  Plastic water bottles are one of the most common items found discarded on beaches (after cigarette butts and plastic food wrappers).  Τhe number of plastic water bottles has increased dramatically in recent years as companies have successfully convinced us consumers that bottled water is better than tap water.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Potable tap water has more stringent quality controls than bottled water, which in many cases is just bottled tap water (except that you pay for it).

A documentary by Omiros Evangelinos.  Interviews with local fishermen and authorities show how overfishing, ghost nets and plastic pollution are affecting the Aegean Sea, local communities and livelihoods.

(2) PLASTIC CHINA (50 minutes)
This award winning Chinese film shows that we are consuming plastic faster than we are able to recycle it and that the practice of shipping plastic waste to developing countries for THEM to recycle is a terrible idea.
Password:  PCJMAN52

Watch this short video from the Greek Recycling Company which explains which items should be placed in the blue recycling bins:

(3) ALBATROSS THE FILM (97 minutes)
A heartbreaking story about how plastic pollution is killing the albatross birds on Midway Island in the Pacific.  A mother albatross feeds its baby bits of plastic resulting in the death of her baby.
Go to the “CC” button and choose Greek subtitles.

(4) THE STORY OF STUFF (22 minutes)
An excellent story on how the entire economy works and how negative externalities, such as pollution, are not priced correctly.
Link: (To turn on the Greek subtitles, go to the “Settings” icon and choose Greek.)

(5) Α PLASTIC OCEAN (22 minutes)
The Cyclades Preservation Fund has kindly funded the renewal of our distribution rights to this film for another year.

(6) STRAWS (30 minutes)
Link: Create a log-in, password and then press RENT.  Instead of entering your credit card details, please enter code PFGSCHOOL in PROMO CODE.

Let’s keep it clean in 2019, and please share!


Greek Seas - Plastic Free

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