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From Aristotle to Hang-gliding

Just over an hour away from Thessaloniki, Halkidiki consists of a large peninsula that resembles a hand with three “fingers”  that juts into the clear blue Aegean. Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos are the fingers, each with its own unique charm, history and magic. Kassandra is the scene of the Battle of the Giants in ancient mythology, Sithonia is a magical place of green forest, mountainous terrain, and blue sea, while the third finger is Mount Athos, the Holy Mountain; the world’s only monastic state, home to twenty historic monasteries.

Within range of Sithonia are an extraordinary range of Greece’s historical riches, from Alexander the Great’s and Aristotle’s birthplace, ancient Stagira and Olynthos, through the Byzantine glories of Thessaloniki and Mount Athos, Meteora and Kavala. Natural riches include the astounding sandy beaches and blue sea of the area, as well as the mountain villages, forests and lakes of Northern Greece. Traditional cooking can be found in all the pretty villages of the area, along with idyllic bays and small islands, stunning archaeological sites and a unique cave. There is also an exciting nightlife on those famous long, sandy beaches, with bar beaches starting to party from early afternoon, for those not tired out by the energetic sports on offer, from waterskiing to biking or trekking in Mt Holomondas.

Best for

Near to the villa we have, which is on Sithonia, are golf, hiking, cycling, wonderful long beaches, and diving.
Visitors wanting an international scene,
People wanting large organized beaches, and sophisticated dining and shopping.
Bucket- and-spade-type family holidays with small children.
Boating – trips to Mount Athos, fishing trips, coastline pottering
Sightseeing – Northern Greece is full of marvels, from the mountains, lakes and forests, to the treasures of Thessaloniki, Mount Athos and Meteora
Easy access to international airports – Thessaloniki is just over an hour away.

Worst for

Those long, sandy beaches have not stayed undiscovered; Halkidiki is a major tourist destination.
Having to drive around in order to explore the area, (you need a car ).
Long drives and large distances between sights. Lack of high-octane glamour.

Would Suit

Groups with people of different ages all wanting to do different things,
Families wanting a variety of activities, sports, occupations and excursions,
Explorers, young clubbers, and those wanting to show off their new beach kaftans and gym-honed bodies in fun beach parties. entertainment.

Would not suit

Fashionistas and celebrity spotters, those looking for an undiscovered island with tiny gem-like fishing villages, dedicated travelers looking for Greece the way it was 50 years ago.

Don't miss

The Archaeological Museum of Poligiros that hosts exhibits from excavations all around Halkidiki, such as the ancient sites of Acanthus, Mende, Olynthos, Potidea, Stagira and others. Among the exhibits, there are marble statues, funeral columns, parts of temples, weaponry, tools, jewelry and others.

Aristotle Park in Stagira, Halkidiki at the beautiful village of Stagira, the birthplace of Aristotle is a park dedicated to the life and the works of this great ancient philosopher. Fun science for children and cool mountain air.

The Byzantine monuments of Thessaloniki

The ancient temple of Philippi- the home of Philip of Macedonia and Alexander the Great as well as the setting of St Paul’s travels.

The Lake of Polychrono in Halkidiki which is very popular with tourists has a long sandy beach with emerald waters and surrounded by pine trees

Mount Athos in Halkidiki, Greece (Hagion Oros), or Holy Mountain, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mount Athos consists of 20 Orthodox monasteries and is also known as the Autonomous Monastic State of the Holy Mountain . Women are not allowed to enter Mount Athos, only men. Both monks and visitors live a simple life, without any modern facilities, based on prayer, fasting and growing their own food.

Top Sandy beaches : Aghios Yannis , Armenistis , Trani Ammouda


Horse Riding
Jeep Safari
Ports - Fishing shelters
Swimming - Water sports
Day trips on boats
Beach parties

High Season

Watch out for coastal traffic, but otherwise, summer life in full swing. The green forests and slightly cooler climate are much appreciated, while calm seas allow boating trips.

Low Season

The season here is long thanks to loyal visitors from northern Europe seeking early and late sunshine before their darkness closes in, but, being further north and closer to the Balkan peninsular, off-season weather is usually stormier and wetter than Southern Greece. Great for sightseeing.