The Experts – Coutts and Conde Nast Traveller


We feel very proud to have been chosen as the Greek Expert by the first ever Conde Nast Traveller Little Black Book of Experts, delivered to all the clients of Coutts Private Bank – so HM Queen Elizabeth should be getting a copy along with her morning toast…


I was glad to see that Brazilian Beach Houses are on the same page as us, as my niece works for them. Greece in summer, Brazil in winter, what could be better? My sister Marina Gratsos of Carpe Diem Travel makes an appearance on the bottom of the page too,  for those strange people who inexplicably do NOT want to go to Greece, so we like to keep it all in the family.

This is really the ultimate  bible of small exclusive Travel experts, and I shall probably spend more money booking trips up the Amazon or through  the African Savannah with the amazing individuals listed here than we shall make through the publicity!

If you get a lot of “Out of office on a marketing trip”  messages from my email autoresponder over the next few months, you will know what that means.




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