Fifty Shades of Blue – The Five Star Greece Book, soon for sale.

A very elegant and blue-blooded  client  of ours, seated next to me at a dinner,   whispered in my ear that he had been spending his midnight hours secretly at his computer  looking at our website – the beautiful pictures, the descriptions of islands and islanders, landscapes and food, and above all the blues of the sea and sky, the dusk and wooden shutters, the lavender of the evenings, the  azure of the flowers, and so forth – you get my drift. “It is not a website,”  he said, “It is soft porn”.

As we happen to be preparing a fabulously glossy coffee table book to take to PURE Travel fair in Marrakech in November,  he will be glad to know that our escapist/pornographic book will be discreetly downloadable/orderable  for those wanting to feast their eyes on something blue in bed, to ensure sweet dreams, or to leave suggestively on a spouse’s bedside table.

Volume 2 is already in production and will be the even bluer version as it will show the sleek and shining yachts that we represent.

Watch this space, and move over E.L. James.



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