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Charter a boat and get a nice villa to go with it…

One of our most successful holidays this summer has been a package of boat and villa. Whether you are an adventurous, adrenaline-seeking couple who can’t decide between a hidden retreat on a remote bay, and a sleek and adrenaline fueled racing toy like a Riva, you can take both,  and alternate the atmosphere of  an authentic, not very comfortable but  highly romantic beach shack, with  500 horsepower of 21st century speed and trimmings. Maybe  you are an inveterate villa -lover wanting to get some peace and quiet and offload a restless husband and noisy children, or someone with lots of friends to entertain in the area – either way, the addition of a boat can sprinkle stardust on your holiday.

Adrenaline junkies can go for a very affordable, sleek and powerful toy like this Riva, for less than you might think,

Those who want to be able to pile on to a boat with lots of friends and potter along to a nearby beach or neighboring island, enjoy lots of deck sp ace and shade, and then head home for the evening,  will love a wooden schooner  to use as a large floating terrace,  serving evening drinks under a low, full moon, or  lunch in a  little bay full of the sound of cicadas in the heat. Like this one –



















  1. Hi there,

    We’re planning our honeymoon and we’re wondering what it might cost to hire a villa that comes with a boat as well?

    Charlie Stainforth · September 1, 2019 · 7:58 pm · Reply

      1. Congratulations Charlie, one of us will get in touch, or you can email enquiries@fivestargreece.com

      ileanavonhirsch · September 2, 2019 · 5:27 am ·

  2. We are thinking of sharing a yacht with 3-4 couples. Late august to November is good. Maybe share a villa as well for a ten day excursion. Do you have ideas and prices. We will need a skipper

    Kim · June 12, 2021 · 12:24 am · Reply

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