Corfu – Pomegranates and puddles

After the wild, bright barrenness of the Cyclades, Corfu is radiant with flowers and lush foliage, drooping boughs heavy with dark olives, thickets of tiny scented purple cyclamen, pink grapes bursting with juice, and pomegranates splitting open to show their ruby red glistening seeds. A pale blue mirror- like sea reflects the Albanian mountains back to Greece, seamed only by the odd autumn sailboat and a fisherman returning to harbour. From those perfectly reflected mountains also comes the faint boom boom familiar to those of us with teenage children – some Albanian Stringfellow has started a small and cheap disco that can be hear every day over in Corfu. The locals and bigwigs are incensed and have applied to have him shut down, but I think it will take a major pay-off myself, and in the meantime he is enjoying annoying everyone. What a clever way to make money from a lousy club –

It has rained all day, the pale blue is now grey and you can see why the cyclamen, olives, grapes, pomegranates, jasmine, gardenias, daturas, are all so lush and bursting with scent, colour and juice. The mosquitoes are rubbing their little legs together in glee and waiting to lay their eggs in the fresh new puddles. We are taking on a pretty and spacious new villa that looks warm and happy and bright even in this terrible weather – it is a few minutes walk from Soukia beach and the village of Kassiopia, great for families wanting to join in the North East Corfu scene in style and comfort. The owner is a wonderfully organised lady who will take great care of guests, so let it rain, and come and enjoy the flowers next spring, and see who won the battle of the nightclub. I am betting on the Albanian Stringfellow….

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