How does the bank crisis affect tourists in Greece?

While some ATM’s , mainly in Athens, ran out of cash over the weekend ( June 27th)  as people stormed them, by  Monday, most of the ATM’s  were refilled, and are working fine, especially on the islands. We advise people to take the sensible precaution of bringing more cash than usual,  as well as  a variety of plastic cards, but to remember that the banks are taking steps  to stop people taking money out of Greece, not to stop them bringing  money in,  so  foreign credit cards  are working fine both for payments and for cash withdrawals. Greeks are limited  for the moment in what cash they can withdraw, but not foreigners.  The ECB has capped funding to Greek banks at the current level, not stopped it, so  these levels will be maintained for the moment.

We will post again  after the referendum on the 6th, but as far as tourists are concerned, for the moment,  it is pretty much business as usual.

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