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Greece – Is it safe to travel to Greece – part 2.

This blog is a resume of all the queries that guests have been making and worries that have been raised, largely by  irresponsible press coverage by possibly well-intentioned but in that case badly-informed journalists:

So, to set the record straight;

There is lots of good news about Greece for visitors, though sadly, as I said,  nothing that would make headlines in the newspapers;

GOOD NEWS (always comes first!)

  • The bank machines are all bursting with cash.
  • There is plenty of excellent food everywhere.
  • No-one has been on strike, for a record beating length of time.
  • Prices have come down a bit.
  • The crickets are chirping, the sea is warm, temperatures have now reliably settled into the 80’s.
  • Locals are genuinely and whole-heartedly pleased to see visitors.
  • It is all a little less crowded than usual.
  • Mykonos is more affordable this year than other years!
  • We have been given 2 weeks in August in a waterfront villa near Kassiopi that is usually booked every year by the same guests and is never given to mere agents like us – call us if you are looking for last minute Corfu! There is also some bad news as far as visitors are concerned:



  • Greece is still in the Euro, so no currency speculation possible,
  • It has been a rather good season for villas,  amazingly enough, and bookings have resumed with great enthusiasm now things have settled down,  so availability and discounts for August are not easy to get  anymore.
  • I have (sort of) discovered how to post videos so you well be in for lots of poetic clips of little waves whispering on a beach, olive  trees in the breeze, and boats bobbing  – which is hard if you are in the office, apologies!


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