If I were Greek Minister of Tourism…

June 26th

I was telephoned today by a journalist from “To Vima”, Greece’s Sunday Telegraph.
“What is Five Star Greece’s  view of the state of tourism in Greece,” she asked, I took a deep breath and launched into a detailed account of everyone I would sack and what improvements I would implement if I were Minister of Tourism; from building shady areas with benches for people waiting for ferries, to drafting the unemployed into being porters at Piraeus. This took about 20 minutes, at the end of which there was a silence, and she said “Thank you for being so clear.”

A horrible thought struck me and I said “What did the other agents whom you called speak about?”

“Ah,” she replied, ” they all said that the volcanic eruption and riots had had a bad effect but now everything was tickety-boo again”

I must learn to keep my mouth shut! On the other hand, if the Ministery ever want to take any of my ideas further, they know how to get hold of me now.

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