Is it safe to go to Greece?

We have been asked this question quite a few times  now by clients either thinking of renting a last-minute villa, or else checking up on the situation before leaving to travel to their villa, and the answer is yes. It is safe. The media love a good picture of rioters and  we do understand your concerns, but  a little counter-balance is maybe needed, so this weeks’  blog is all about safety.

Unless you are planning a demonstration in Syntagma Square  and a spot of rock-throwing at the police, you can leave your gas mask at home and just pack your sparkly kaftans, fitflops and suntan oil as usual. A Mykonos colleague and I were chuckling over a recent Mykonos cancellation where the client cited “riots in Athens” as a reason for cancelling. We tried to imagine a SWAT team storming N’Ammos beach restaurant. First of all they would be told by the elegant bouncers that as they did not have a table reserved they could not park their cars there.

Second of all, although leather boots and military style accessories are of course always rather chic on Mykonos, they would have to leave the riot shields in their vans which should please be parked much further up the road, and thirdly, chilled towels and a complimentary sunglass wipe would be offered by the lithe, white-cotton uniformed girls on the beach, but again, as they did not reserve deckchairs……

We thought that if however, the SWAT team decided to hit Elia Beach, the DJ would break out Tom Jones’ “You can keep your Hat on,” and they would then do a Full Monty style strip-tease.

That is presuming they can still find tickets to get to Mykonos in the first place.

Seriously, the islands are full of fun and sun and as far removed from the pockets of perennial once-a-week summer demos in Athens as it is possible to be. Islands to where one flies directly are more likely to be affected by French Air traffic control strikes than by protesting public servants in  Athens. Travellers through Athens , unless unlucky enough to be caught in a general transport strike, which are no more frequent than past years, will not notice anything at all.

To show you that we put your safety above all else, and  that we test everything before expressing a view, at great personal sacrifice I am moving the London office  to Ithaca on Wednesday and will report  back on water temperature, ripeness of the water-melons and time of sunset, and can’t wait to get there!

Five Star Greece from the battle-front, with no regard for personal safety....


  1. Bulletin from Santorini – the sea is sparkling and crystal clear, hence the beaches are full of happy bathers. Our visitors remain perfectly unaffected by political turmoil in the outside world, while they bask in summer holiday sunshine! It’s a glorious day in the Cycladic islands, made tumultuous only by tour buses full of enthusiastic sightseers…

    majda · July 3, 2011 · 3:00 pm · Reply

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