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Mykonos in October

We now know that it is a myth that Eskimos have 25 words for snow, but it is true that Greeks have about 25 words for noisy fun/merrymaking/fuss/chaos/milling about and general liveliness. Fassaria is one of these words  with connotations of annoyance. Vavoura is one that indicates lots of noisy people having a good time.

Mykonos in October is free of all this – no vavoura, no fassaria, just serene and lovely light, clear sea, great food, friendly locals, sun and beauty.

My little hotel  in town is the Elena, not fancy but I love their fresh and unpretentious rooms and veranda. I can report that Nautilus is still one of my favorite restaurants in town, Baccalo is one of my other favorite restaurants, the fresh melon juice down on the old harbour is a perfect tonic after a  morning shopping,  (check out Hari’s Cotton for covetable cotton shifts and dresses in beautiful colours) or after a late night, and that  the late night is best spent in Caprice, where, on a blissfully calm evening, you can sit outside listening to  music with the waves lapping  at your feet, and the stars and boat lights twinkling around you as the light fades.



I went to check out two new villas – I love the moment when having seen photos, you see the real thing – either it is a disappointment, or your heart leaps with joy. Our new villa in Aleomandra made my heart leap for joy – right on the water, fabulous spaces inside and out, and that elusive “wow-factor”.


The second one is also a jewel  – affiliated to a leading hotel in town, guets can use the hotel as their pied a terre and parking place, while retiring to their waterfront villa nearby.

Lotus eaters beware, stay too long and you risk never leaving…



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