Mykonos; twinned with Kyoto and Bognor Regis

May 25th

After Amorgos, Mykonos is a real culture shock. I am staying on the Belvedere where the service is fantastic and very good-looking, but I do wonder how people put up with being so squashed and on top of each other with no privacy at all. It does make me realise how much nicer it is to stay in a villa of your own, and not pay 8 euros for a mini-pack of Pringles.. I mentioned to the manager when he asked how everything was, that I thought a shower cap and hair conditioner should be added to the little toiletries in the bathroom. “Shower caps are available on special request” he said rather sniffily I thought. Right, I am so going to get into the shower, realise there is no cap, get  out of the shower, go to the telephone, ask house-keeping to send me plastic shower cap and stand there dripping waiting for it to arrive… Honestly, men……

It is raining, and the streets are full of damp tourist tat – well, very cool tourist tat – this is Mykonos after all. Chinese visitors off a mega cruise ship scurry along under umbrellas , making Mykonos look strangely Hokusai-like, and off another ship English help each other wrap up in what look like see-through bright blue dustbin liners, making Mykonos also look strangely like Bognor Regis.
So much for the glitterati..

I guess the really elegant people only want to be seen in white linen so are stuck indoors until the sun comes out.
I am not that elegant though, so I went out and took pictures for you, and then had a charmingly served but disgusting late lunch on the waterfront – I can only beg you to avoid eating at Rouveri, thought it is great for drinks and coffee and people watching – especially if you like watching people in see-through bright blue plastic macs…



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