Not so Five Star Greece…

One Star Greece today – The worm’s eye view.

Today’s blog is courtesy of my 20 year old son, just returned from a rather grubby island hopping trip to Mykonos, Paros, Santorini and Naxos, with which Five Star Greece had absolutely  nothing to do at all…

Mykonos:  Lose the telephone numbers your well-connected mother gave you for trip. Stay out all night and go to bed in your basement apartment at 07.00. Wake up at 15.00, head for an ATM machine, and go to the beach for breakfast. Lie on the sand as you can’t afford a deckchair and get sand blown all over your face, and into your mouth, nose, hair and all other hard-to-reach parts. Go back to town and find another ATM machine. Find an eatery not filled with Italians in skimpies and scarves, have supper at 23.00, squeeze onto the packed party bus playing bad music out to Paradiso to go clubbing again, hear Laid -back Luke, do not get upset if some rich guy in the club lures the girls in your party away by telling them his grandfather was Prime Minister of Greece and he has a VIP table with champagne for them. They will be back once the Prime Minister’s grandson starts putting his hand in the wrong places, which won’t take long. Find another ATM machine, go to bed at 07.00, wake up at 15.00, find another basement apartment as yours is reserved for more scarf-wearing, skimpy-clad Italians from Bari, and so on…

Paros – why go to the Caribbean when you have such warm shallow, blue sea and golden beaches? Top tip, (and I might lift this one for Five Star clients) – buy a flashlight and explore the marble quarries, ignoring the signs that say “Danger!! Keep out!”  The masterpieces of Ancient Greek statuary are chiselled from Parian marble, Ovid compared his beloved’s complexion to it, (son had expensive education..) and the colours in the dark grottoes of the quarry are superb.

Santorini – Climb the volcano.

Naxos – peace at last. Hire a moped and explore the unspoilt interior and little villages. Do not fall off moped as this is very painful. Avoid the South-West tourist strip.

Return to Mykonos to catch late night flight back to Gatwick.

Come home, raid fridge,  give laundry to mother, and disappear.

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