Time to go Island Hopping

Island Hopping In Greece

Time to leave England and the wettest drought on record,  the patter of rain, the sliding on mud and squelching through puddles, the over-flowing gutters and leaking roofs, the turning on all the lights at midday, gas company correspondence and the Leveson enquiry. It is time to go Island Hopping. Time to dry off, lighten up,  blink in some dazzling sunshine, open up to the warmth,  and sniff the dry sea winds of the Aegean and  the heavy blooms of the lilacs and lilies of the Ionian. Yes, it is time for our May Villa inspection trip.

First stop is the Poros Boat show where serried ranks of gleaming yachts will be on parade, each one hosting a lunch, cocktail or dinner. Then, on to bijou Hydra,  Mykonos at my favorite time of year there, Andros, Tinos, Paros, Antiparos, Sifnos, Kea,  Patmos, Spetses, Corfu, Paxos, Kephalonia and end up in an exhausted heap on Ithaca. Evi has been trying to devise a feasible itinerary, which given the vagaries of Greek local ferry schedules,  is a fiendishly difficult task, and I am not surprised that she has started to sleep-walk, talk to herself about ETA’s and ETD’s and send me daily lists of appointments followed two minues later by instructions to disregard and wait for fresh list.  I have been sucking up to her in my oiliest way to avoid  her scheduling more sadistic dawn departures than necessary… she doesn’t read our blog so I feel safe writing this.

I will, as always keep you posted from wherever she has sent me!


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