Greek logic – advanced course…

June 4th

Skinos Luxury Villa Ithaca


A day of house management – and a refresher course in Greek logic:

“ Penelope, this coffee machine is broken.”
“ Yes, I know, of course it is.”
“If you know it is broken, why do you put it back in the cupboard rather than tell someone?”
“Because I only thought it was broken.”

This was followed by administration, form filling, bureaucratic obstacles and other demonstrations of why Greece needs to retire about 40% of its jaw-droppingly, eye-poppingly useless public services, dear IMF, I hope you are reading this…I won’t bore you with details , but I would just say that I do sometimes wish we were not Five Star Greece, but  Five Star Sweden.

But then I have a break for a swim, lie for 10 minutes in the sun, and later that evening, after dinner with cousins, walk home along the waterfront in the warm air, see the lights of the village reflected in the still water, smell the orange blossom on the trees and hear the tree frogs calling, and think that really, it is a small price to pay for being able to be part of this paradise.


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