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Hubris – Ancient Greek term for overbearing pride, usually just before a fall…

The Fall of Icarus into the Cretan sea - the Original Hubris.

It’s a lovely Greek concept – borne higher and higher by the thermals of good luck  and  perhaps hard work,  up flies the giddy mortal, till some minor sun-god lays aside his cup of nectar  for a second to swat away the  irritating trespasser, who then plunges earthward,  spiralling back down  to where he came from, in a flurry of singed feathers, burnt nose and rucked up chitons.

One of the joys of Greece is the constant re-enactment of  old myths and legends, even if in somewhat unexpected ways;

A much-cherished,  long-standing, if demanding  client of ours  who travels to Greece every year,  recently told me after an exchange of around 104 emails regarding her  latest trip, why she always preferred using our services to any of the competition. I sat back in my chair and thought “Yessssss!! This is where it all pays off, the hard work, the meticulousness, the late hours,  I am about to be told how fantastic I am. Accolades are going to pour into my lap and I will have deserved every one.”

“I prefer you rather than ANY of the others,” she said solemnly, “And I recommend you to all my most challenging friends,  because as you are only half Greek, I can complain to you about what drives me mad about Greece and the Greeks, and you  will  not get as offended as the others.”

I sat up,  pulled my chiton down, tidied my wings  and thought – “Oh well, that is a valuable service too, I suppose.”

Anyone out there who loves going to Greece, but is driven mad by Greece and the Greeks, I  am your girl, Five Star Greece is your  go-to company, and my client is now on commission.


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