“No” Day – a national holiday

The art of saying "No".

Today is “Oxi Day”, or  “No” Day, or even  “**** off” Day.  At 4.00 a on the 28th October 1940, the Axis powers gave Greece an ultimatum – let our troops though or else… The Greek Prime Minister Metaxas, answered with one word. “No”. The next morning, the streets of Athens were filled with a joyous mass of people shouting “No, No, NO!” and ever since, No Day or “Oxi” Day, has been a national holiday with flags and processions, flowers and singing, and parades of soldiers in their fustanellasand bobble shoes.

On the islands, school children have been rehearsing for weeks,  mothers have been sewing folk costumes, tubas and trumpets have been polished and wobbly sounds squall out of every house with a member  of a  part time village orchestra living there.
“Oxi ” sums up the Greek spirit – courage, insanity, fierce patriotism,  passion, a total lack of common- sense, and a great sense of drama and fesivity.

A day to celebrate saying NO is something that could perhaps be exported quite successfully?

Happy “Oxi Day” to everyone from Five Star Greece!

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