Greece before the tourists

Oia on Santorini before the tourists

Clearing out a drawer, I found an antiquarian book with some wonderful photos taken  in 1957  of Greek islands – here are my favourites – another world then.

Oia 1957



Women on Lefkada - caryatids come to life, my favourite.



Mykonos windmill - you can see the woman milling her grain inside while the donkey waits outside.



There was such poverty in the 50’s, it is humbling to see how tourism has affected lives and the environment in so many ways –   some bad of course,  but so much good too.


  1. I liked the title at first, and then tasted the light in the pics, sharing the wisdom and humanity of the comments, this is a good site to stop at and read, grazie

    Maddalena · September 15, 2013 · 9:36 pm · Reply

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