Postcard from Antiparos

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I met Vangelis our new concierge for Antiparos; a charming young man with blue eyes in a  brown face, and the longest eyelashes I have ever seen,  so it was very hard to focus on what he was saying – couldn’t make up my mind if that was a good thing or a bad thing in a concierge…..probably a good thing.

He drove us the the airport in a very plush leather upholstered 7 seater, which is definitely a good thing.

We have added  just a couple of new houses to our portfolio, even though I keep swearing we are not going to take on any more new houses.. but how can one resist a 7 bedroom beach house  owned by someone in the media world, with sleek modern lines and a string of tiny sandy coves at the bottom of the garden?

Antiparos continues to attract  loyal visitors,  (except for my daughter who as previously mentioned, is a Mykonos girl). Simply choosing to holiday on Antiparos marks you out as cool and relaxed, with good taste and an elegant aversion to crowds, so once you have certified yourself as such,  and built/bought/rented your house there, you don’t have to make any further effort;  you can eat spaghetti with clams every day,  in the same taverna, at the same table, wearing the same swimsuit,  wipe your fingers on your bare legs,  forget where your sandals are after day 1 and not find them again till your departure day, and no-one will think any the worse of you for it. You never need see a rucola leaf or taste balsamic vinegar the whole time you are there, and certainly don’t have to stay out till 5.00 in the morning.  Cross over from Paros in the little ferry, pull up the drawbridge, pretend you are on your own private island you share with friends, and shut out the world.

Of course, if you need balsamic vinegar and rucola,  want to stay out till sunrise, and  have some particularly pretty sandals that you want to wear, that is fine too –   I suggest you call on Vangelis if you need any help – do just  let me know if you manage to pay any attention to anything he says.



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