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The Private Island

Koufonissia is really the playground of the islands; no need for a car, you can walk from one end to the other in 40 minutes easily, and if you take the coastal path, you can stop and swim in a different little beach every 50 metres, and have a drink, a fresh fish or a salad in a little taverna or cute beach shack every 100 metres. The biggest decisions you need to make are whether to go round the coastal path clockwise or anti-clockwise, whether to take the boat over to Kato Koufonisi, and what to order for lunch…

Best for

Astonishing little white sandy beaches, fox-red cliffs, bright blue lagoons, and sea caves.
An authentic Cycladic atmosphere of gaiety and casualness.
Cute town with everything at hand.
Total absence of anything mass market
Bragging rights – not many people you know will have been here.

Worst for

Mobile phone reception and fast internet
Small choice of shops
Car hire – cars have to be brought over from Naxos. Not that you need one here...
Usual limitations of a very small island.

Would Suit

Sunbathers and beach-nuts,
Families with teenagers, or young adults who can walk to where the nightlife is, and home again even if they are staying at the furthest part of the island.
Those not wanting to have to drive anywhere
Those wanting to feel they have really got to know an island, the regular visitors, and the locals – small and friendly.

Would not suit

People wanting large organised beaches, and sophisticated dining and shopping.
Explorers wanting adventures every day

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Don't miss

Lobster macarani ( Astakomakaronada) in Leftheris taverna or Captain Nicolas.
The Full moon parties down on Pori Beach
A swim in Pori’s blue lagoon and lunch at one of the tavernas there
Scrambling around the wonderful coastal path around Pori and back to town.


Jump off the rocks into the brilliant turquoise water.
Go snorkeling or spear fishing.
Take a day trip on a tourist boat or charter a whole boat yourself, and sail to Kato Koufonisi for a beach picnic.
Take the Skopelitis Express ( see our blog) for a day trip to Schinoussa or Donoussa.