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Client reference part 2 – Gary’s further adventures on Andros

Dear Ileana,


I had no intention of starting a blog, but I couldn’t resist telling you about more drama.

And yes, I have had a lot of wine with our fantastic lunch.

The food has been unbelievable.

Yesterday we went all Greek. What a feast, and how the girls do that for 19 people is beyond me in such tiny kitchens.

The boys decided to do cliff jumping from the other side of the bay, despite my protests.

16 year old boys in a pack are so stupid. Anyway Wally cut his foot, and was bandaged up by the guy at the beach bar.

One of our friends staying is a doctor, and she took one look and shook her head.

So……of to the hospital again.

Alexandros had rung ahead and we walk straight in.  That would never happen in the UK.

And……yes……incredibly sexy nurse takes charge.

I’m not kidding, lovely girl who thanks me for being able to practice her English.

Wally is really scared.

He’s never had anything other than a tooth out when he was six.

He goes white and is shaking, and I have to hold his hand, which is weird because he’s not my child. 

The doctor comes in.

He doesn’t speak English, but through our gorgeous nurse we establish that he has had his tetanus jabs, and what needs to be done to the wound.

He ends up with six stitches, and we are home in time for moussaka.

I love this place.

I’m taking Wally back on Monday for a check up……oh and Alexander on Sunday for his check up. I am certainly getting to know my way round Chora.




I am waiting with some trepidation for Part 3 if there is one – 2 teenagers down, 4 to go….



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