Five Star Greece blog

The first Five Star Greece blog starts on a note we hadn’t counted on – riots in Athens. The insider view is of course different from that portrayed in the media – Riots take place at least once a week somewhere in Athens, but this was a lot livelier than previous ones. Life  in Athens  however continues unaffected, and the Islands could be on a different planet, they are so far removed from Syntagma Square. If you didn’t buy a newspaper, you would not be aware that anything had happened at all. We fully expect the summer to be  business as usual.

And the summer weather has started by the way, with hot sunny days and calm, pale blue skies and seas, empty beaches, June figs ripening on the trees, and soft, fat apricots hanging like golden globes in the dark green foliage. Bees in the lavender, and tiny waves rippling on pebbly beaches, while a glass of  white wine, as chilled as the music,  and an octopus meze wait for you on a beach side taverna table…

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