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The M/Y Oceanos – one of the best

M/Y Oceanos

There are some dodgy yachts afloat, and it is a matter of years of experience knowing which ones they are. Inspecting a yacht at a boat show is one thing – most yachts  can put on a splendid show, so, unless a  yacht vomits a whole lot of jetskis and other rubbish into the bay in front of my house in Ithaca, I am always glad to see one anchor in Skinos,  then I casually  row over and do a covert inspection of how the crew are dressed,  what  itinerary  is planned, how the guests are enjoying themselves, and how well the Captain’s responds when I tell them to please keep their jetskis 300 metres for the shore and that the harbour master is my best friend and happy to fine infringers no matter how many metres the yacht is. A real hero…. He is 6’4,   and a young and fearless pursuer of drug smugglers, reckless jetskiers, arrogant Captains and other  characters. His baby brother by the way is 6’7 and his name is Hercules. You don’t mess with the Ithaca  Harbour master.

The M/Y Oceanos not only looked splendid at the yacht show in May, but today passed all my tests with flying colours –  impeccable service, an expert itinerary planned,  happy children jumping from the highest fly bridge deck,  elegant adults on paddle boards – thank goodness jetskis have lost their allure and those who know now favour paddle boards – quiet, environmentally friendly and marvellous for working out the core muscles and abs – yacht food is excellent…

The one jetskier was obediently banished to 300 metres distance,  as were the doughnutting children, and all 50 metres of gleaming hull  lay clean, quiet and sparkling. Almost a pleasure to have in the bay….

The Oceanos is definitely one of the very best that we can offer clients.  For advice on which yachts to charter and which to avoid,  when and where to go, call us – but do note  that for jet skiers, the Captain knows to avoid Skinos, the heroic harbour master,  and Hercules…



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