What’s cool and what’s new on Mykonos

Mykonos is getting ready for its summer-long party – the guests are already arriving, and the party will go on till early September. All eyes however are on Scorpios, named after the island of Onassis and a slick reference to last year’s  star bar – Jackie O. Scorpion is  the brainchild of Thomas  and  Mario,  who are turning the little headland at Paranga beach into the absolutely coolest place  to be on the Mediterranean this summer. Berber rugs, palm fronds, hammocks and decadently large day beds under shady canopies spill in wide terraces down to the sea; Bedouin chic has hit the jet-set.

The  soft-opening  for friends is on Friday 22nd,  and the real opening on Sunday 24th and all hands are on deck- it is going to be amazing and we recommend that all our guests reserve a table and deckchairs there this summer. The vibe is more organic health,  hang-out place, zen and nature, chilled beats, natural materials. Sunset rituals  and cultural programmes are promised, and  the beats will be provided by renowned DJ’s .


Scorpios  soft launch in Mykonos



Luxury Vacations in Mykonos Scorpio beach restaurant in Mykonos


Enny Monaco is Mykonos’ coolest boutique – and a bit of a meeting point  in the Agia Pigadi area of town.  Amalia Korasidou unerringly hand-picks the best  things for Mykonos from the top labels frm Milan to Tokyo,   and makes next-door Louis Vuitton look  a bit old hat..


Enny Monaco in Tria Pigadia, Chora - Mykonos

Enny Monaco in Tria Pigadia, Chora


This is possibly the only supermarket review you will ever read in a luxury travel blog,  but please, follow Amalia’s tip, and do a grocery chop in Supermarket Flora by the airport.  There are neon ceiling light installations  and lounge music . Vast screens  around the walls play videos of the fashion shows and red carpet events, LED displays  light up the champagne nd wine section, the upper gallery gazes down at what looks like a dance floor, but is where the DJ is set up in the middle of the halls, and never have plastic  washtubs, laundry detergent and dustpans looked quite so iconic. Walmart, Waitrose, Prisunic, take note.


Supermarket Flora, Mykonos

Supermarket Flora, Mykonos

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Mykonos is a world of its own,  and is simply getting better and better. We have sourced a couple of wonderful new villas, one with 7 bedrooms and a private beach, so if you want to join the coolest party in the Mediterranean,  or just buy a dustpan  and brush in style, get in touch.

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