Greek Real Estate on the move again

Greek Real Estate in Ithaca Greece

The tiny island of Oxia,  where we used to head to for overnight fishing trips from Ithaca as children, and in whose emerald green waters we used to snorkel, has been sold to Qataris for 5 million euros. It will have the Onassis island of Skorpios as a neighbour, Homeric Ithaca,  the Gulf of Actium and and Byronic Missolonghi.  On the sea bed  below may lie wreckages from the crucial battle of Lepanto where the Ottomans were finally crushed as a naval power. Not bad.

It is good to see some confidence returning to the market, as Greek real estate is in the long term a  very solid investment, despite current woes. Mediterranean islands will always be Mediterranean islands, and until climate change drives us all to the Yukon,  they will be where sensible people want to spend their downtime.


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