Surfing in Greece?

The last post of the year is rather an unusual one and the article below came as news to me… Once you have  got tired of Hawaii and California, bored of Australia’s Gold Coast, and sick of South Africa, where can a poor,  jaded surfer go to get his mojo back?

The New York Times has the answer –  click to read the article.

I can certainly believe the refreshing lack of surfing infrastructure and inspiring sense of going off the beaten wave, so to speak. Ripped young surf gods on the beaches of the Ionian, and bleached blonde surfer chicks on the shores of the Cyclades can only be a good thing, and very much to be encouraged.

Five Star Greece looks forward to this very welcome addition to the Greek tourist scene in 2012, and wishes you all a very merry Christmas,  kala Christouyenna, and a Happy New Year.

Chronia Polla!

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