Sao Paulo Travel Week

Greco-Brazilian cultural exchange programme

We are samba-ing off to Sao Paulo next week for the very new and very exciting Travel Fair which is the focus for Latin American travel professionals. We aim to lure fun and sun-loving Latinos away from the Caribbean, (so many hurricanes in July and August,) away from the home beaches, (Sao Paulo is wet and cold,) and from the tropics further north, (the humidity is horrible for the hair), and show them a really good time in the Greek islands. We are, I think, the only European villa company exhibiting, and trust that our charm offensive will earn us lots of attention from everyone.

We love showing off our beautiful islands and incomparable waters, our chic villas and fabulous yachts to people who we know will love it, so if next summer the bars of Paros are serving Cachaca, you hear strains of Gilberto Gil, Vinicius, Toquinho and Maria Creuza floating over the water from a passing boat, and the beaches of Mykonos are adorned with even more tanned and beautiful bodies than usual, in teeny weeny tangas, you will know that our mission was successful!

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