The Perfect Wedding Venue

I can’t help it,  I must share this with you.  Sent to me by a kind friend who was wondering whether this  property was part of the  Five Star Greece  portfolio, as it is called Five Star Island.

Kind friend,  all I can say is not yet….

So, here are the specs for Five Star Island…as described by the New York Times on April 4th,  (not April 1st) and abbreviated by me.

Five  Star Island, a spot of land on Biscayne Bay. The website for this 11-bedroom, 29,000-square-foot property — complete with brass stripper poles embedded in a long dining room table, a stuffed giraffe head looming over the central staircase and a waterside sauna protected by bulletproof glass — beckons renters and partygoers alike. The property, which features a giant crucifix in Kramer’s bedroom and mini-busts of the Seven Deadly Sins above his bed, is described as “the ultimate location” for weddings.

What a shame that Kate and William hadn’t come across it. Sack that wedding planner….

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