Our expertise is not limited to villas – we can put our knowledge of the islands at your disposal for yacht charters and cruise itineraries as well. Sometimes, the best way to see Greece is by boat. If you love being at sea, can’t choose between so many lovely islands, want to do a tour of the highlights, or just see places where there are no suitable villas or hotels, then ask us about a yacht.
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We so often see international charter yachts taking guests on unimaginative or unsuitable itineraries and missing out so much of the beauty of the Greek islands. Mykonos and Santorini are musts for first time visitors to Greece, but in high summer, wind can be a big issue there, (the Cyclades are not studded with pretty windmills for nothing!) Less experienced sailors and fragile stomachs might prefer the gentle Ionian or the fascinating coast of the Peloponnese. We work with carefully chosen partners in Piraeus and across the Aegean in Turkish Bodrum, to find the best crewed yachts with the best local knowledge and design the best itinerary possible for you. We can advise you on a complete range of vessels from Superyachts and sailing boats to picturesque wooden “Caicques” and day-trip cabin cruisers to moor below your villa.

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Sample Itinerary

Day 11. Morning swim in Poliegos before going to Milos.

Poliegos is an uninhabited Greek island on the way to Milos and Kimolos. Its name means "many goats", and these are the only inhabitants of the island.

A barren island with some magnificent beaches and bays, Poliegos is lapped by startling blue water which is reflected in myriads of dancing light-ripples across the stalagmites of the many sea-caves along the coast. If you are lucky you might glimpse a couple of rare monk seals, (monachus-monachus,) resting in one of the caves. Dramatic spires of rock emerge from the turquoise sea, pointing skywards and testifying to the island’s volcanic origins.

In the afternoon you will head to Adamantas, the main port of Milos;.

A wonderful island full of surprises, charm and beauty, Milos is known for the statue ‘Venus of Milo’ now in the Louvre, and its astonishing lunar landscape of striated layers of ghost-white, rose-red, and fox-brown rocks. Below lies a sea of almost unearthly blue that shimmers over chalk-white sand.

It is worth visiting the traditional village of Plaka, the capital of the Island with panoramic views of whole island. Paved with flagstones, the narrow lanes and picturesque little shops compose a genuine Cycladic scene. Don't miss the 13th century Venetian Castle, the Archaeological Museum, the Folklore Museum and the church of Panagia Thalassitra. It is also a good opportunity to try dinner ashore and taste the local cooking with is rich seafood.