Odysseus’ Palace found!

Finally, over a hundred years since Schliemann, convinced he had found the location of Odysseus and Penelope’s home, first excavated the site of Aetos on Ithaca, a team of architects from the University of Yannina have uncovered a three storey Mycenean building that corresponds to Homer’s famous description. Odysseus clearly valued panoramic views – either for strategic or poetic reasons, as this site overlooking the dizzyingly beautiful bay of Afales, stands out even on an island of peerless vistas.

We Ithacisians have always poo-pooed misguided attempts by amateur “researchers” to locate Homeric Ithaca anywhere other than Ithaca – as any fool knows, modern Ithacisians with their blend of cunning,  melancholy, pragmatism and a strong survival instinct, are the direct descendants of Odysseus, and anyone who says otherwise can go straight to Hades….

A bloody welcome home party...

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