MYKONOS- what’s new for 2018

One of my favorite blog slots of the year – the Mykonos round-up-

It  is all about the brands this year:

Dubbed “Loubi Beach,”  the most spectacular  show of the summer is the  Christian Louboutin pop-up shop which has opened  on Nammos Beach, in collaboration with the high-end boutique, Enny di Monaco. Christian Louboutin shows off in a  highly instagrammable installation inspired by the island’s beach-goers, whose legs dangle off  beach towels suspended high above, dressed in some of the season’s hottest styles.

As the Louboutin PR agency puts it, pink-faced with excitement,

“Let’s stalk discreetly the crowd lying on the beach. Red, pink and purple towels are hanging from the ceiling and reunite the quintessence of Mykonos party makers archetypes resting during the day. One on the right is doing her nails, the one next door is reading glossy papers, those two – ohh those three sorry-are having some good time. This one prefers topless, pulling off her bra while another one is trying to decide between a glass of margarita or a sex on the beach. All different, but they are all dressed with the key styles of the new collection. That’s Christian Louboutin’s sense of humour.” 

Louboutin pop-up on Mykonos

Louboutin pop-up on Mykonos

So it’s  straight down to Nammos beach then for FSG,  to spot who is doing her nails, who is reading what, and who is pulling off whose bra – and clearly  having  themselves some good time…


Lindsay Lohan’s new beach bar, called “Lohans”   opened on Kalo Livadi beach in May – the star has been photographed there and it looks set to the be the island’s new big thing, though whether it  can quite top the  excitement of  what’s going on over at “Loubi’s” remains to be seen.

Lindsay Lohan beach bar in Mykonos

Lindsay Lohan opens her beach bar.
Photo by Jared


  • Nammos village has also opened a second Louis Vuitton store, and a Nammos restaurant will shortly open in Mykonos town.
  • Buddha Bar restaurant  has an exciting new menu. Makis , the maître d there recommends the  amazing scallops with truffle sauce.
  • Cavo Tagoo hotel  has a great new restaurant called Ovac. It’s run by the eccentric Evripidis, who managed Spondi in Athens for the last 10 years.
  • Lalaounis the jeweler,  won a prestigious prize  at the Couture jewelry show in Las Vegas, so pop in and ask Edward, the legendary manager of the Mykonos store, to show you the latest.
  • BA have increased flights from London and with four weekly flights from Qatar the island is rocking.

That’s enough excitement for one blog –  FSG is off to go discreetly crowd-stalking now….

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