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The welcoming island

Syros- has been the capital of the Cyclades for over two hundred years, so has both cherished and upheld the quality of Cycladic culture; music, food, dance, etc, and also been quick to absorb the best of outside influences – it was a wealthy and peaceful island, protected from many common dangers and hardships through its status as a Venetian dominion, which means it is still today home to a large Catholic community, in fact, of the three cathedral-topped hills behind the main port, one is a Catholic one which is unique in the islands. Syros has always welcomed immigrants from less fortunate islands, and still has a generous, cheerful and friendly attitude to visitors.


Best for

Good access to other islands.
A varied holiday including sightseeing, eating and beaches
Feeling like a traveller rather than a tourist.

Worst for

The famous sweet called halvadopita , which has a sticky nougat consistency and is impossible to dislodge from your teeth.
Not well served with organised water sports.

Would Suit

Families with active children wanting to explore, foodies and those wanting a bit of history along with their beaches.

Would not suit

Those wanting to hire small boats and potter around a coast dotted with deserted bays and beaches.
Those wanting to do a lot of watersports.
Those hoping to lose weight.

From our blog

Don't miss

Neo-classical Ermoupolis, the captital, especially the Vaponia district.
The Apollon theater, designed by the Italian architect Campo , a miniature version of the Scala in Milano
The church of Agios Nikolaos, "The Rich one, " with an extraordinary basilica and an amazing marble icon screen , unique among the Balkan countries
The 19th century neo-classical City Hall at Miaoulis Square designed by the famous German architect Ernst Ziller , ringed with cafes and seating areas under palm trees
Metamorphosis is the most important Orthodox Church on the island but the “Kimisis tis Theotokou” is of a great significance because it hosts a masterpiece by painter Dominikos Theotokopoulos known as El Greco
Ano Syros the second town of Syros which was built by the Venetians at the beginning of the 13th century on the hill of San Giorgio north west of Ermoupolis
The industrial museum, where the second electric car was built in the 60’s on Syros is shown here , the first one was built in London
The Archeological Museum and the museum of the Cycladic Art with the most beautiful statues from that period
Open air movie theatre which hosts the newest movies played in original language
The Aegean Festival, July - August, Music - Theatre - Dance - International Performances in a high quality.
Prekas, the little delicatessen shop of Errmoupolis, to buy sun dried cocktail tomatoes, capers and throumpa olives and the most amazing cheeses made on the island.
Try the really cool bars of the waterfront of Ermoupolis
Asteria, a beautiful row of 10 palazzos known as little Venice
Last but not least, The Kyveli museum dedicated to the first international Greek actress! The museum runs under the supervision of her daughter Valentine and if you are lucky you will even meet Kyveli herself !


Hike up to Ano Syros above Ermoupolis and enjoy the view
Hire a bicycle and tour the island
Try the very many great eateries and bars;
Agathopes - a beautiful long beach, and have lunch at Flisvos, great meatballs made by owner’s mother, eat pastrami and Greek salad with locally picked capers
Prima Plori and Peri Tinos at the waterfront of the city for Tsipouro and modern Greek Mezes; the appetizers of Greece.
Dinner at " Iliovasilema " at Galissas and enjoy the great sunsets
Lilly's at Ano Syros , the cellar where in the 1950’s, the ultra-cool Greek underground music style known as "rembetiko" fragosyriani was born.
Oneiro located across the Apollon theatre with a lovely little garden for Aegean Cycladic kitchen
Cousina, in the middle of the Bougainville street- a small restaurant giving a special creative touch to the Greek kitchen
Mazi, the best garden location in the city built around 1880. Greek - Mediterranean cuisine , creating a modern and sophisticated versions of traditional dishes. The best Greek wines and amazing cocktails, try a “mastiha mule” or “mazi” cocktail.
"Allou gi Allou" at Kini for a very modern Greek taste.
"Tzitzikia sta almirikia" for a very traditional version.
Best thin sliced and crispy local lamb chop from the island and local white wine called "fabrica" at Taverna Mitsos in the village of Alithini with views over Ermoupolis and the islands of Tinos Mykonos and Delos
Dyoskouroi at Delfini beach. Enjoy fresh barbouni ( red snapper ) and green salad for lunch or grab a snack right on the beach and enjoy the sunset with a raki and watermelon.

High Season

The usual Cycladic winds and summer visitors

Low Season

Syros remains a properly functioning island - as both the capital of the Cyclades, and also a viable agricultural island that is open all year round.