Brigands, revolutionaries, heroes, poets, romantics and dreamers –

  200 years ago, it was agreed by all except the Ottomans, that what the world really really wanted,  was… Greece.  How could there be a Europe without it? This year is the bicentenary of the War of Independence where poets, peasants, priests, and princes joined the trickle that ended up as a riptide, carving … Read More

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Greek wildfires – How can we help?

Kind clients and friends have asked us how they can donate to help victims of the tragic wildfires that have affected people and wildlife  this August. Here are the ones we recommend: HELP THE ANIMALS   EDKE The Greek Action of Volunteer Veterinarians (EDKE) ALPHA BANK IBAN GR66 0140 1240 1240 0200 2007 199 BIC: … Read More

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What is Greece like in winter?

What is Greece like in November?  Where in Greece would be a good place to escape to this winter? Is Greece a Christmas destination?   These are questions we are being asked more frequently, as long-haul and ski resorts appear less and less likely to be on offer as Christmas holiday destinations, and as lockdowns in … Read More

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Five Star Greece takes you on a musical adventure – Introduction

    We are blessed with a fabulous network of friends and contacts, and Pavlos Carvalho has thrilled us all by agreeing to make a series of videos to  show some of the secrets behind Greek music – the history, the rhythms, the voices, the instruments, the passion, so that  we can share  the love  … Read More

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Angelina cooks…. Part 2 – Giouverlakia with Avgolemono sauce

That is meatballs in egg and lemon sauce to you… This is a unique Greek combination of flavours and for us, the most delicate and evocative taste sensation in Greek cooking. Greek mothers make chicken broth with avgolemono sauce and rice for any ailment from a broken leg to a broken heart, and it usually … Read More

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Angelina cooks…. Feta and filo parcels- with a twist.

One of our favorite chefs, Angelina Kalogeropoulou, has started to become a cult figure with her charming  presentations of delicious and easy dishes to prepare, to bring some Greek  flavours, scents sunshine into your kitchens. Our clients love her and we are so lucky to have her! You can follow her on our social media, … Read More

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LAST UPDATED AUGUST 8th 2021 From the Greek Government: On May 14, Greece opened its borders in a safe and attainable manner. In the paragraphs follow, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to prepare before travelling to Greece as of May 14th. These guidelines are in place to ensure the protection of your health, … Read More


Kilada in the Argolis – better known as “Where??”

Posted by Ileana von Hirsch:     “Where?” ask my Greek friends when I say that I have just come back from a wonderful trip to Kilada. “Kilada,”I reply, “You know, that cute little provincial seaside town in the Argolis,  on the east coast of the Peloponnese, famous for its small, succulent pink shrimps and … Read More

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Tinos stars in the April issue of Food and Travel magazine

Five Star Greece is smiling from ear to ear at having been invited to contribute to Food and Travel’s excellent article about Tinos, an unspoiled foodie speck just a few miles  from Mykonos. Hotels on Tinos are few and far between, so villas are the natural choice, and we have some very beautiful  and luxurious … Read More

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The perfect Greek island for hiking

The charms of Greece’s blazing summer sun and warm August seas  are well known, what to do though when the mercury is a bit lower, skies are less than an unblemished blue, the water temperature is still fresh, and  the waving cypresses and green mountains coo seductively? Take a hike is our best advice. Ithaca, … Read More

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Lefkada – into the mountains

  Lefkada is an island that rewards the explorer.  One of the Ionian islands off the west coast of Greece, it is connected to the mainland by a causeway, and like its better-known neighbours Paxos and Corfu, looks west towards Venice rather than east. Overlooked by everyone other than yachties, who have turned it into … Read More

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