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MYKONOS- what’s new for 2018

One of my favorite blog slots of the year – the Mykonos round-up- It  is all about the brands this year: Dubbed “Loubi Beach,”  the most spectacular  show of the summer is the  Christian Louboutin pop-up shop which has opened  on Nammos Beach, in collaboration with the high-end boutique, Enny di Monaco. Christian Louboutin shows … Read More


The Principality of Mykonos – what’s hot, cool and new for 2017

  Mykonos continues to deliver every year, it takes huge pride in improving its offerings summer after summer, and the young new mayor of Mykonos  fights the good fight for stray dogs, beach licenses, rubbish collection and traffic control. The poor, bankrupt, state owned airport with its missing letters and rationed loo paper, (ridiculous on … Read More


Where to party on Mykonos, what to eat, and what to wear.

So, feeling our age after a very busy summer, Five Star Greece asked a beautiful, young half-Brazilian half -Greek jewelry entrepreneur, who exhibits  cool, funky jewelry on her website,  to tell us where the party is at on Mykonos, and what to wear. She went with a bunch of equally beautiful friends and we are exhausted just … Read More


What’s new on Mykonos in 2016

    Last year saw almost one hundred new businesses and openings on Mykonos, the splashiest of which was Scorpios Beach Bar. This year, the boom continues, and here is our round-up of the new and the classics.   WHAT WE ARE WAITING FOR ON MYKONOS   Rakkan Bar Restaurant in Athens is opening Rakkan … Read More


What’s cool and what’s new on Mykonos

Mykonos is getting ready for its summer-long party – the guests are already arriving, and the party will go on till early September. All eyes however are on Scorpios, named after the island of Onassis and a slick reference to last year’s  star bar – Jackie O. Scorpion is  the brainchild of Thomas  and  Mario, … Read More


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