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Lefkada – into the mountains

  Lefkada is an island that rewards the explorer.  One of the Ionian islands off the west coast of Greece, it is connected to the mainland by a causeway, and like its better-known neighbours Paxos and Corfu, looks west towards Venice rather than east. Overlooked by everyone other than yachties, who have turned it into … Read More


Designs on Milos

    Milos is not an island, it is an addiction, and its addicts know to their cost how undeveloped the villa scene is, and how hard it is to find somewhere to stay… Luckily, from one perspective anyway, things are beginning to happen on Milos – apart from the addicts, people are slowly waking … Read More


The Principality of Mykonos – what’s hot, cool and new for 2017

  Mykonos continues to deliver every year, it takes huge pride in improving its offerings summer after summer, and the young new mayor of Mykonos  fights the good fight for stray dogs, beach licenses, rubbish collection and traffic control. The poor, bankrupt, state owned airport with its missing letters and rationed loo paper, (ridiculous on … Read More


British Airways makes Zakinthos easier

No more bleary dawn starts at Gatwick, thank you British Airways for giving us direct flights to this lovely Ionian island from Heathrow Terminal 5 at civilised times. Also great for those transiting  to Zakinthos through London from  outside the UK. For a magnificent family holiday villa on northern Zakinthos with ample room for 18 people, … Read More


Conde Nast Traveler Villa experts list 2017

    We are starting the year by blowing our own trumpet a little. The Five Star Greece team is very proud to be the only Greek villa company to have been chosen by the editors of the  prestigious USA  Conde Nast Traveler to feature on their annual list of global  villa experts. The vetting process … Read More


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