Tinos stars in the April issue of Food and Travel magazine

Five Star Greece is smiling from ear to ear at having been invited to contribute to Food and Travel’s excellent article about Tinos, an unspoiled foodie speck just a few miles  from Mykonos. Hotels on Tinos are few and far between, so villas are the natural choice, and we have some very beautiful  and luxurious … Read More

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The perfect Greek island for hiking

The charms of Greece’s blazing summer sun and warm August seas  are well known, what to do though when the mercury is a bit lower, skies are less than an unblemished blue, the water temperature is still fresh, and  the waving cypresses and green mountains coo seductively? Take a hike is our best advice. Ithaca, … Read More

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Lefkada – into the mountains

  Lefkada is an island that rewards the explorer.  One of the Ionian islands off the west coast of Greece, it is connected to the mainland by a causeway, and like its better-known neighbours Paxos and Corfu, looks west towards Venice rather than east. Overlooked by everyone other than yachties, who have turned it into … Read More

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A gastronome’s guide to Tinos

    With over 50 picturesque villages and many more pigeon houses (the total is well over 1000), Tinos is an island to discover in a leisurely way over many days. The landscape morphs from lush vineyards into looping coastal roads, barren boulder land,  and deep marble quarries. Within just a ten minute drive, its … Read More

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Plastic-Free Greece- True Greek villa luxury and an inspiring story!

  Five Star Greece is proud to support a  wonderful environmental action group: Plastic Free Greece was founded by one of our guests- we are so proud of her-  someone who not only demands and appreciates the finest things in life (Five Star Greek villas and our service) but is prepared to roll up her … Read More

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Stand-up Paddle-boarding in Greece

‘Sup man?   Stand-up Paddle boarding  or SUP, is cool, no,  I mean really cool. It is minimum effort, maximum result,  doesn’t pollute the seas,  is quiet, environmentally friendly, tones the abs and calms the mind. The fact that it is also a term that really cool people use because they are too damn lazy … Read More


MYKONOS- what’s new for 2018

One of my favorite blog slots of the year – the Mykonos round-up- It  is all about the brands this year: Dubbed “Loubi Beach,”  the most spectacular  show of the summer is the  Christian Louboutin pop-up shop which has opened  on Nammos Beach, in collaboration with the high-end boutique, Enny di Monaco. Christian Louboutin shows … Read More

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Designs on Milos

    Milos is not an island, it is an addiction, and its addicts know to their cost how undeveloped the villa scene is, and how hard it is to find somewhere to stay… Luckily, from one perspective anyway, things are beginning to happen on Milos – apart from the addicts, people are slowly waking … Read More

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Four reasons the French love Sifnos, or Pourquoi les francais aiment Sifnos..

  I don’t know why I have come over all gallic, but that is the effect that cosmopolitan and  soigné Sifnos has on me. Sadly  my computer does not come over all gallic, so cedilles and accents graves are missing.. Let’s start with the food – La Bouffe. Sifniots take great care about their food, … Read More

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Bettany Hughes visits the Sanctuary of Apollo on Despotiko

Five Star Greece was thrilled to be able to escort the historian, television presenter and author, the divine Bettany Hughes, to one of Greece’s secret sites. We are even more thrilled that she offered to write a blog about it! Read on for Bettany’s own words…   Standing on a Greek island, a balmy, Mediterranean … Read More

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The Singing Islands

Not that they have a superiority complex or anything, but the Ionian islands off Greece’s west coast do like to point out  that they were  part of the very civilized Venetian empire for four hundred years, while the rest of Greece stewed under the Turkish yoke. There are many legacies of the Venetians; a local … Read More

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