The Greek Gatsby

June 17th

Floods in Provence, unseasonable chill in Spain, but Greece is having a heatwave that leaves people gasping and flapping like fish in a net. The only place to be is by the sea now.
As soon as Evi in the Five Star Greece Athens  office can detach herself from her air conditioner, she will go to Mykonos to look at a new house that sounds very exciting – a private path to the sea,  anchorage for a yacht,  and a beautiful pool.

Mykonos Luxury Villa


From there, a hop over to Andros to check out a stunning huge villa with tennis court and sandy beach below,

luxury villa andros

and then,  a neo-classical mansion in the town of Hora, where the cream of Greece’s oldest and best-looking shipping communities, their yachts and their guests gather every gilded summer in  what is the closest Greece gets to Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.

andros greece hora

Andros is one massive mountain with wild coastlines, beautiful beaches and gushing streams that bubble down green ravines and valleys – Hora is preserved in a pristine condition, and for those wanting a Cycladic island without the tourist hordes and tat, this is an interesting destination. Just don’t forget to bring your copy of TGG, panama hat and white linen suit……oh, and the yacht of course!

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