The Pure Greek Pirate Experience

I spend a lot of time reassuring people that Greece is not infested with Somalian pirates, French barricades, pyromaniacs, typhoons, sinking ferries, murderous rioters, military dictators, drug cartels, white slave traders, exploding volcanoes and cancelled flights (I fib a little actually – one of those things on the list is not unknown to happen…)

Imagine my hollow laughter as Five Star Greece was turned down in its application to have a stand at the PURE Life Experiences travel fair in Morocco by the organisers, on the grounds that we represented seamless luxury and not enough adventure –

“But travelling to Greece IS an adventure, and staying in a luxurious villa with staff and pool and beach is just a particularly nice way to do that PURE Life Experience Greek island experience, and we can organise cooking weeks, walks, hikes, cruises, church trips, finger painting, yoga, scuba diving, archaeology tours, private views at the Benaki museum,  hell, with enough notice and an unlimited budget, we could probably even organise some pirates as well! Please give us a chance!”

But no, they did not believe me, so sadly, should you be attending the Pure Life Experience Travel Fair in Marrakech, you will not find us, not even hovering by the Somalian Pirate Pure Life Experience stand…(1 million dollar entrance fee, please give to the guy with the Kalashnikov by the door.)


Not on offer in the Greek islands....

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